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About Us

From our beginning in 1971 as a supplier of extruded vinyl welting for the footwear industry, to our current status as a well diversified plastic extruder serving many industries, Barbour Plastics has always welcomed the next challenge. As an innovative plastic extruder we have been able to achieve a leadership position in the marketplace due to three main attributes: superior product quality, competitive pricing, and our ability to respond to our customers’ requirements.


Among the many industries that Barbour Plastics now serves, the Marine industry is by far the largest. For over thirty years we have specialized in manufacturing systems for boat builders that aid in protecting the boat hull from the damage resulting from contact with dock pilings, piers, and moorings. Our extruded marine rubrails and Rubrail systems are manufactured from the highest quality UV resistant PVC material available and designed for years of service in harsh environments, not to mention captains of varying levels of skill. Barbour also manufactures extruded marine products for use in other areas of the boat, as well as dock bumper to protect the boat from the dock.


Barbour Plastics’ knowledge and experience with impact protection extrusions extends to other applications as well – store fixture and appliance protection, wall protection, small motor vehicles just to name a few.


Although Barbour Plastics’ standard line of extruded polymer products is extensive, we welcome the opportunity to solve customer problems by engineering custom solutions.


Barbour Plastics is a leader in plastic extrusion with many years of experience in product development utilizing the latest equipment and process technology. Our very experienced and skilled manufacturing team work together with a clear focus that producing quality products is our number one goal. It is with purposeful management and consistent daily routine disciplines that Barbour Plastics maintains an efficient low cost operation that competes on a global scale. We take great pride in our success of re-shoring many plastic components to our US facilities.

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Recent News/Events:


Newport Boat Show

Barbour Plastics, Inc will be exhibiting at the Newport International Boat Show in Newport RI, Sept 13-16, 2018. We welcome all who can attend and stop by our booth to see our new Dock Bumper and Marina Accessories offerings. Learn more here: http://barbourplastics.com/dock-bumpers-1/ or call 508-897-8399.


Barbour Corporation

For 125 years, Barbour Corporation has provided the highest quality products to all of its various customers. Whether your needs are in the shoe, boat, refrigeration, environmental, or furniture businesses, our products are sure to exceed expectations.