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Urethane Foam Dock Bumpers

Urethane Foam Dock Bumpers

Barbour Plastics’ Urethane Foam Dock Bumpers are a great new product offering for marinas, dock builders, home docks, and even boat builders too!

We now have a 4 inch wide Dock Bumper, and a 7 & 10 inch wide Heavy Duty Dock Bumper. These are incredibly durable products designed to meet or exceed your expectations.

For more information and pricing, contact us at 508.897.8399.

Urethane Foam Dock Bumpers

• Dense Black Urethane Foam
Three Widths now available – 4, 7 & 10 inches wide
• Excellent Resilience
• Good low temperature flexibility
• Mar resistant textured surface
• Durable with great bounce back
• UV protected
• Internally reinforced 3/8 inch dia. mounting holes with washers on the 4 inch Dock and Corner Bumpers
• Internally reinforced 3/8 inch dia. mounting holes with washers on the 7 inch Heavy Duty Dock Bumper
• Internally reinforced 1/2 inch dia. mounting holes with washers on the 10 inch Heavy Duty Dock Bumper
• Made in the USA

Standard Sizes (Custom sizes available by request)


Width (in.)

Depth (in.)

Length (in.)

# of Mounting Holes

BPC24 Flat Bumper 4.25 2.25 24 3 @ 3/8 Dia
BPC36 Flat Bumper 4.25 2.25 36 3 @ 3/8 Dia
BPC12 Corner Bumper 4.25 2.25 12 4 @ 3/8 Dia
BPC36 7 inch Wide Bumper 7 3.75 36 3 @ 3/8 Dia
BPC36 10 inch Wide Bumper 10 5 36 3 @ 1/2 Dia
Corner Bumper 7 Coming Soon!
Barbour Marine Dock BumperBarbour Marine Dock BumperBarbour Marine Dock Bumper

Industries We Serve

Below is a list of the industries we serve:

  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Office Furniture
  • Marine
  • Commercial Construction
  • Store Displays
  • Point of Purchase
  • Environmental Testing
  • Recreation
  • Footwear

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Docks Expo

Barbour Plastics, Inc will be exhibiting at the Docks Expo in Nashville, Tn Dec 6-7, 2017 . Our Booth is #410. We welcome all who can attend and stop by our booth to see our new Dock Bumper and Marina Accessories offerings. Learn more here: or call 508-897-8399.


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