Rigid Channel Profiles

Rigid Channel Profiles

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Barbour Plastics offers a variety of single and double channel track profiles to fit many common sliding door applications,. These extruded rigid channels are produced from a high quality rigid vinyl materials that are superior in impact strength and are UV resistant making them suitable for exterior applications. Our quality rigid vinyl tracks will not pit or corrode in high moisture environments.

Customize Your Track Profile:

  • Choose from our vast inventory of stock colors
  • Tracks can be cut to any required length
  • Tracks can be punched or slotted
  • Special packaging and labeling available

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r654 rigid channel profile

r654 rigid channel profile

r1769 rigid channel profile

r673 rigid channel profile

r648 rigid channel profile

r1770 rigid channel profile

r1765 rigid channel profile

r1771 rigid channel profile

r1270 rigid channel profile

r1116 rigid channel profile

r1194 rigid channel profile

r1398 rigid channel profile


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Industries We Serve

Below is a list of the industries we serve:

  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Office Furniture
  • Marine
  • Commercial Construction
  • Store Displays
  • Point of Purchase
  • Environmental Testing
  • Recreation
  • Footwear

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