Edge Trim Profiles

Edge Trim Profiles

Barbour Plastics has a diverse product range of Edge Trim moldings Corner guard and Wall corner protectors, and T-Molding profiles making it easy to select the right trim to enhance the look of your project. Pick your shape, color, length, and quantity for a competitive solution that highlights your project your way. Call us at 800-955-9649 for a quote!

Should your application require a new custom shape Barbour Plastics Engineering Team can design a new tool quickly and at a very low cost. All of our tooling is designed and built in house for quality and timely responses.

Click on the image to view product specifications:

f8205 wall corner protector

f872 wall corner protector

f645 wall corner protector

r1122 wall corner protector

r1120 wall corner protector

r1125 wall corner protector

r1154 wall corner protector

f824 wall corner protector

r1187 wall corner protector

r1086 wall corner protector

f2003 wall corner protector

r1073 wall corner protector

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Barbour moldings can be:

  • Matched to your color specifications or selected from over 50 stock colors.
  • Made from interior or exterior grade PVC.
  • Extruded with a low or high gloss level.
  • Applied with double sided adhesive tape (PSA or VHB).
  • Cut to length, punched, drilled or heat formed to your specific application.

Industries We Serve

Below is a list of the industries we serve:

  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Office Furniture
  • Marine
  • Commercial Construction
  • Store Displays
  • Point of Purchase
  • Environmental Testing
  • Recreation
  • Footwear

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Newport Boat Show

Barbour Plastics, Inc will be exhibiting at the Newport International Boat Show in Newport RI, Sept 13-16, 2018. We welcome all who can attend and stop by our booth to see our new Dock Bumper and Marina Accessories offerings. Learn more here: http://barbourplastics.com/dock-bumpers-1/ or call 508-897-8399.


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