Piping & Welting Profiles

Piping & Welting Profiles


barbour vinyl piping

Barbour Plastics diverse product range of vinyl piping or welting profiles can help enhance the look of any upholstery, garment or luggage product at very economical cost. If you need quality binding trim products at very competitive prices then call Barbour Plastics. We will help you locate one of our existing products or easily create a new one just for you.

Barbour Plastics Piping and Welting Profiles can be:

vinyl piping and welting
  • Matched to your color specifications or selected from over 50 stock colors.

  • Produced with an embossed grained or smooth finish

  • Flange can be notched or slashed to increase flexibility

  • Can be supplied stitched and or with a co-extruded urethane adhesive

Recent News/Events:


Newport Boat Show

Barbour Plastics, Inc will be exhibiting at the Newport International Boat Show in Newport RI, Sept 13-16, 2018. We welcome all who can attend and stop by our booth to see our new Dock Bumper and Marina Accessories offerings. Learn more here: http://barbourplastics.com/dock-bumpers-1/ or call 508-897-8399.


Barbour Corporation

For 125 years, Barbour Corporation has provided the highest quality products to all of its various customers. Whether your needs are in the shoe, boat, refrigeration, environmental, or furniture businesses, our products are sure to exceed expectations.