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Plastic Profile Extrusions

Extruded Plastics are our specialty! Click on a product below to view more information:

Dock Corners

Barbour Plastics’ corners are unique among other comparable corners. Not only their unique size, but texture, performance, and design.

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Custom Profiles

Need a specific extruded shape to suit your particular application? Send us your drawing or sketch and we can quickly and competitively quote your requirements. Request a custom quote

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Rigid Channel Profiles

Rigid Vinyl door track channels are convenient and easy to design into any application requiring sliding panels or doors.

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Flexible Channel Profiles

Rigid and Flexible Vinyl channels are used in many applications such as grommets , clamps, edge trim or base channels for clear plastic panels.

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L Shaped 90° Angle Profiles

Barbour Plastics extruded L shaped 90° Angle profiles work well for many applications that include support brackets, corner wall guards, panel edge trims, guide tracks and shelf supports. Available from stock or custom produced with low minimum order quantities.

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Piping & Welting Profiles

Extruded Vinyl Piping and Welting profiles are a great way to add that premium look and flare to seating upholstery, luggage of all types, garment bags, footwear and specialty clothing.

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Edge Trim Profiles

Edge Trim Profiles are the easiest and most economical way to finish off and raw edge substrate of any project that needs a quality finished look.

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Flexible Trims (3M™ VHB backing)

Extruded Trim Profiles with adhesive backing is a great way to finish off any project that has tight bend radius or where fasteners such as screws, nails or rivets are not desirable.

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Plastic Tubing

Barbour Plastics extruded thermoplastic tubing products are a great choice for many fluidic and pneumatic applications. Available from stock in many standard tubing sizes or can be produced to your specific size, length and color.

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Newport Boat Show

Barbour Plastics, Inc will be exhibiting at the Newport International Boat Show in Newport RI, Sept 13-16, 2018. We welcome all who can attend and stop by our booth to see our new Dock Bumper and Marina Accessories offerings. Learn more here: or call 508-897-8399.


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