Rigid Vinyl Compound (COMPBM)

Rigid Vinyl Compound (COMPBM)

COMPBM is high impact rigid PVC that offers higher gloss for interior applications. Some uses include edge trims, bumpers, corner guards, L profiles, and POP displays. This compound is designed for applications requiring the following properties:

  • Good Tensile, Flexural, and Mechanical Strength
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • High Strength to weight ratio
  • High Gloss
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    Typical Properties Nominal Value ASTM Test Method
    Specific Gravity 1.34 D-792
    1/8″ Izod Impact, ft/lbs in notch 14.0 D-256
    Tensile Yield Strength, 103 psi 6.60 D-638
    Tensile Modulus, 105 psi 3.70 D-638
    Flexural Yield Strength, 103 psi 12.20 D-790
    Flexural Modulus, 105 psi 3.9 D-790
    DTUL @264 psi, ℃ 68 D-648
    CLTE 3.5-4.0×10-5/in ℉ D-696
    Flame Class V-0 UL-94

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