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SlipFit Rubrail/Insert

SlipFit Rubrail/Insert

barbour dock bumper
barbour dock bumper

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For more information on SlipFit Rubrails/Inserts, download our informational PDF.

At Barbour Plastics we listen to customer feedback and take what we hear very seriously. Some of our customers have told us that installing a flexible insert into the rubrail base can be challenging at times. We have also heard that some rubrails installed on Z- bend gunwales do not retain tubular inserts at the bend point well. Such feedback has led us to develop an innovative new product to address such issues.

SlipFit is a two piece rubrail/insert system whose insert is designed to snap in to place with ease and stay put at those sharp bends.

There are several key features that make this possible:
• Opposing surfaces of both the rubrail base and the insert are coated with a proprietary polymer having a low coefficient of friction, such that with very little pressure, the insert slips right into place
• While the barb-shaped insert is passing through the opening of the rubrail base, its body can be compressed to further aid installation
• Once the insert is in place, its body decompresses and is firmly secured in place by the undersection of the rubrail base
Barbour SlipFit Rubrail InsertBarbour SlipFit Rubrail InsertBarbour SlipFit Rubrail Insert

Industries We Serve

Below is a list of the industries we serve:

  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Office Furniture
  • Marine
  • Commercial Construction
  • Store Displays
  • Point of Purchase
  • Environmental Testing
  • Recreation
  • Footwear

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