stainless steel rubrails for high performance boats



Our Stainless Steel Rub Rail can be bent around the boat, including compound bends, without having to cut or weld. The patented core inside the stainless allows greater flexibility and durability similar to solid stainless. What better way to accent and protect your investment! Barbour Plastic Stainless steel rubrail is the most elegant and robust system available. Email us for samples at .

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Made of High quality Stainless Steel integrally bonded with durable rigid PVC

  • Adapts easily to Hull Shape
  • Ultra light
  • Ultra strong
  • European Styling
  • Easily Bendable
  • Streamlined Luxurious appearance

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Docks Expo

Barbour Plastics, Inc exhibited at the recent Docks Expo in St. Charles, MO for the first time Nov 30- Dec 2, 2016 . Our Booth was very well received. We would like to thank all who attended and stopped by our booth to see our new offerings. Learn more here or call 508-897-8399.


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